We are an import-export company dealing in Worldwide acclaimed brands of Consumer Electronics.

Founded in 1979, nowadays, the company is run by the second generation, whose aim is to break what their predecessors had achieved in their early days, always with honesty and hard work.

Due to our geographical location, a large part of our sales is concentrated in the Maghreb region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya). However, by having a logistics platform/hub strategically located at The Port of Algeciras, it gives us the possibility to export our product range to any Port of the World with great ease and efficiency.

Presently, we have 3000 m2 of storage capacity between Ceuta and Algeciras from where we ship all our range of products. The range comprises of the following products:

• Plasma and LCD TV’s
• DVD players and recorders
• Digital Video Cameras
• Digital Photo Cameras
• Domestic Phones
• Mobile Phones
• White Range (small electrical appliances)

Undoubtedly, a key factor that has contributed to our growth has been the ability to change and adapt ourselves to the present. We began from a small outlet shop from where we grew and expanded our business into imports, and later, exports of Consumer Electronics to any potential market.


                                                                                Paseo Revellín 3 - 51001 Ceuta - Spain | Tel: +34 956 514 676 | Fax: +34 856 200 142 | Email: info@olympictraders.com
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